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About Us

Localisys is a new mobile application which gives you a chance to find what’s happening in your location or in a location that you want to have activity. By using Localisys you can easily buy or sell your products or even your used items. If you have a skill, why not make money from it? Just mention that in your profile and we will inform people in your area about it.


Product and Services

Once a person needs any services or products related to your skill, we will notify you and you can start negotiation about price, time and date. Seems easy, isn’t it? Reversely, if you need a product or service you can post it and all businesses or individuals in your area contact you quickly. Save money, save time!! It a golden opportunity for university student to make money in there are with what they really know!

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Imaging you are running an event, it can be a class, sport activity or even fun. Just add it into your profile and interested people contact you. Alternatively, you able to find your desire events in your area. Do not give up any group activities if you don’t have a partner, post it on Localisys! Ok, it is a grate tool for instructors, teachers or even for people who wants to create work experience!

Ask Something

There are many days that you spent on search engine pages for a simple answer for your question. From this link to that link, from this website to another. We all have these situations! Searching on internet for an answer can be very painful! Waste of time and even you will be faced with fake results. Stop doing that! Ask your question on Localisysandwe will find a person who knows your answer! Easy! Don’t worry about personal questions, you can hide your username! You can also answer others with anonymous username, Wow! It can be fun? One better idea; privately, you can ask something from a particular member!

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Localysis is a universal mobile handy app that connects you to people, services, events and products in your desired location, be at your local region or around the world.
Your security is our primary concern. Localysis employs the best security practices and methods to ensure that your information is safe and secure.
  • Post a request or question.
  • Discover products, services, events.
  • Post a request for services, products or events.
  • Organize an event and invite interested individuals.
  • Chat and open a discussion with fellow users in your local community.
  • Make money on your events, skills, or services. Find others to do the work that you need completed.
  • Post in private mode
It’s free to post a task, so whether it’s cleaning your home, or putting together furniture, guiding tours, virtual services, just describe a job you’d like to get done, set a budget and you’ll start to receive offers from skilled fellow users.

From simple to complicated tasks, Localysis can help you complete your home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design or even build a website.

Signing up and creating an account with Localysis is free. Simply download the app and select the Sign Up Button.

After you sign up, make sure that you complete your profile with your personal information, preferences, skills and interests.

To check or update your account details, go to the Profile tab and select the Settings button from the top left hand corner of the page.
Go to the Profile tab, select Settings from the top left hand corner of the page, and select “Change Password”
To check or update your skills simply login and go to the profile tab. You can add your new skill, event, service or product to your album.
Go to the Search tab and type in the event you are looking for. You may also select the category you would like to see the most recent postings on the Top page or search by location.
Yes. You may also modify your notification settings based on your preferences by going to Settings > Notifications.
Select the option Report Post, select the reason and describe the issue. We will review the post and take necessary actions.
We send notifications to providers based on the skills, interests and hashtags they have selected on their profile. This ensures that relevant providers are notified for the posts that matches their skills, expertise and products.
If we know your location, you will be notified about posts that match your preferences and when you are within its location radius. People who are interested in the services you provide will also be notified.
If you want to keep your post private or anonymous, simply mark your post as “Secret”.  Nobody will see your profile and you can still communicate with others who are interested with your post.
When completing a job on Localysis, here are a few tips you can follow to make you get the most out of the Localysis platform.

  • Before you commit to providing a service, ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you can meet expectations and earn positive reviews.
  • When first meeting, try to meet people in a public place like a busy street, office or café before going elsewhere.
  • Upload photos that clearly show your face. This lets people know you are happy to show who you are and that you’re a trustworthy person!
  • Always let someone else know when you are running a task and where you’ll be. Remember to keep in touch and stay contactable on your mobile.

Because we’re a marketplace to connect people, we use a payment process that keeps it fair for everyone. This is how it works:

  • Choose a Provider to do the job.
  • We then securely hold your payment until the task is complete.
  • The job is completed successfully.
  • Provider requests the payment and you then release it to them.
  • Both sides then leave reviews for each other.

Why this is great for you – if the Provider does a poor job or doesn’t show up, we can refund the payment to you.

Why this is great for Providers – this helps make sure you get paid for the work you’ve done.

When the job has been completed the Provider is required to report completion by selecting the ‘Successfully Done’ button. You will be prompted to release payment to the Provider by selecting the “Accept” button.
Services aren’t simple, and rarely ever the same. People have different expectations of how services should be carried out and sometimes people can simply make mistakes. On rare occasions, there may be issues you may run into where you aren’t satisfied with the outcome of the product or service you have chosen.

So what happens if there’s an issue or disagreement?
You can open a dispute.

Disputes should be settled within 14 business days.
Yes, our payment system is secure, reliable, and convenient, supporting many currencies. All the data is safely encrypted to ensure your privacy. Your data is protected to the highest standards.
All users can be a client and provider at the same time. In order to make an offer and accept a job, you should fill out your contact info and payment method.

Go to Profile tab, select Payments, and manage your Payment Methods.

Reviews help people trust in our community by creating an easy, honest and reliable way for members to know what to expect from others. Whether you’ve posted a task or you’ve completed one, telling us how it went honestly and fairly gives a great guide for the community.
Once you finish a task, it’s important to leave an honest and fair review of your experiences. That way all members can get a true impression when making their own decisions to work with others.

In a nutshell: if everything went well, say so! If it didn’t go as you hoped, leave constructive feedback so the other member can know what to do better in the future.It’s best for yourself and the community as a whole to make your own judgment on what to leave in a review and not be swayed.

If you are currently unable to provide product/service in this item, suspend it until a date when you can provide it again or suspend it without timeline. Go to the profile tab, select the product/service that’s currently unavailable and select “Suspend”.
Go to Profile tab, select the Settings button from the top left hand corner of the page and select Report a Problem.


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